Analysis & Design TF Meeting Agenda

Preliminary agenda contents

22 March, Reston, VA  USA


Michael Chonoles, Change Vision
Jim Logan, NoMagic
Jeff Smith, MACE /Sierra Nevada
Jim Odell, Thematix (emeritus)

  • SIMF RFP Revised Submission presentation and possible adotion vote
  • Combined Event Metamodel and Profile (EMP) RFP and Agent Metamodel and Profile (AMP) RFP Initial Submission (Manfred Koethe)
  • SysML v2.0 RFP update presentation *
  • SysML Profile for Safety and Reliability RFP draft presentation and issuance vote (Geoffrey Biggs) *

  • Motions:

    • To vote whether or not the MEF RFP should be continued or withdrawn.


* This item was formally requested for the ADTF Agenda