Analysis & Design TF Meeting Agenda

Preliminary agenda contents v5

7 December 2016, Coronado, CA USA


Michael Chonoles, Change Vision
Jim Logan, NoMagic
Jeff Smith, MACE /Sierra Nevada
Jim Odell, Thematix (emeritus)

  • PSSM RFP Revised Submission presentation, V2V, and motion to recommend adoption (Ed Seidewitz) (2 hrs) *
  • SIMF RFP Revised Submission presentation (1 hr) *
  • UTP2 RFP Revised Submission presentation (30 min) *
  • Combined Event Metamodel and Profile (EMP) RFP and Agent Metamodel and Profile (AMP) RFP Initial Submission (Manfred Koethe) (30 mins) *
  • SysML v2.0 RFP draft presentation (1.5 hrs)* 
  • SysML Profile for Safety and Reliability RFP draft presentation (Geoffrey Biggs) (30 min)*

  • Motions:

    • To change the API4KB RFP Initial Submission and Revised Submission deadlines.  (Elisa Kendall) *

    • To change the IMM RFP Revised Submission and deadline. (To support the motion, Pete will present an additional slide that points people to the unofficial/partial spec.) (Pete Rivett) *


* This item was formally requested for the ADTF Agenda