Analysis & Design TF Meeting Agenda

Preliminary agenda contents v2

7 June, 2017 - Brussels, Belgium


Michael Chonoles, Change Vision
Jim Logan, NoMagic
Jeff Smith, MACE /Sierra Nevada
Jim Odell, Thematix (emeritus)

  • SIMF RFP Revised Submission status report and motion to set a new Revised Submission deadline (Cory Casanave) (15 mins) *
  • API4KB RFP Initial Submission presentation (Elisa Kendall)
  • Uncertainty Modeling RFP Initial Requirements Presentation (Tao Yue and Shaukat Ali) (10 mins) *

  • UML Testing Profile V2 RFP Revised Submission presentation

  • SysML v2 RFP  Initial Requirements presentation (Sanford Friedenthal) (1 hour) *


* This item was formally requested for the ADTF Agenda