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Mission: Contacts:
  • To enable developers to better understand how to develop applications, including large-scale distributed systems.
  • To recommend architectures and technologies related to modeling and metamodeling to enable interchangeability of work products and interoperability of tools and repositories.
  • To promote standard modeling techniques that increase rigor and consistency of specifications.
  • To leverage and interoperate with other OMG specifications.
  • To liaise with related organizations with common goals.

(Revised and approved 3/24/99)

Co-chairs: Michael Chonoles, Change Vision
Jim Logan, NoMagic
Jeff Smith, MACE (Sierra Nevada)

How to get involved:

If you are interested in getting involved with this group, want more information or would like to come as a guest to an upcoming meeting and obtain temporary access to the mailing list, please contact one of our Account Representative or contact  one of the Chairs.

Hot topics!!!

Final Agenda
for the Reston, VA meeting
now posted


Email Lists:

The OMG maintains a number of email lists for our groups. Click here to view  the email list(s) which are pertinent to this group. Many lists are only open to members of the OMG.

If you have any questions about adopted specifications, please feel free to contact the tech-editor



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